The Salad Lobby is only a few weeks old, but we’re already garnering media attention. A friend of The Salad Lobby, passionate saladvocate, and Celery voter Jen Shafer has interviewed us for Greener Good, whose mission is to “share stories of sustainable living that inspire.” Headlined “Saladvocates, Unite—Join The Salad Lobby” the interview appeared at the Greener Good blog on Friday, September 30, 2016.

Salad fans, allow me to introduce you to Lindsay Sauvé and Peter Korchnak, co-founders of America’s newest food movement: The Salad Lobby! What began as a way to curb carb-heavy budget food during Lindsay and Peter’s year abroad is now a serious (and sometimes seriously humorous) mission to put the “food” back in America’s food. Lindsay, with her creative, path-blazing brain, is The Salad Lobby’s soul; Peter’s marketing and digital brawn are the system.

The Salad Lobby Team

I recently interviewed Peter and Lindsay to learn more about their exciting new endeavor.

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