Salad Lovers, it’s that time of year!

We know you love salad, and you’re likely to have a few folks on your holiday gift list who love salad, too.

We’re here to make things easy on you this holiday season. Just like salad, this gift list is simple, frugal, and guaranteed to please your veggie-obsessed loved ones.

Do you love subtly hilarious, salad-related apparel? We’ve got that.

Looking for some artisanal oils for loved ones who want to make salad a priority in life? Covered.

Searching for those few kitchen items that make salad prep and transport a cinch? You have come to the right place.

The Salad Lobby Holiday Gift List #1: Limited Edition Veggielection T-Shirts

It doesn’t matter if your family members are part of the Celery brigade, continuing to fight for Broccoli, or Turnip lovers though and through. The gift of a veggie-election shirt is a great way to quell a potentially politically contentious family gathering. These shirts are screen-printed in Portland, Oregon, on high-quality, Made in Los Angeles shirts.

Veggielection Cyber Monday Sale! 30% off all designs and free shipping on all US orders.

The Salad Lobby Holiday Gift List #2: LiBa Mandoline Slicer

We resisted buying a mandoline slicer for so long. Isn’t a sharp knife all you need to make excellent salads? While that may be true, having the ability to slice beets into perfect rounds, julienne an apple to the core in no time, or slice onions to the perfect millimeter thinness has changed how we do salad.

It is a sharp tool, and therefore a little scary for clumsy Salad Lobbyists like us. But for recipes like Shaved Turnip Salad or Apple and Goat Cheese Salad, the LiBa mandoline slicer is a game changer.

The Salad Lobby Holiday Gift List #3: Vesuvio Ceramic Frying Pan

Why is there a frying pan on a salad-related gift list?

Because sometimes you have to add a little heat to your salad, which is especially nice during the cold months (think warm, sautéed mushrooms or a crispy fried egg on a bed of winter greens).

And a good frying pan can be hard to come by.

Cast iron can be heavy and leave an iron taste in acidic foods, while coated pans have scary toxins, and other metal pans tend to stick.

Thankfully, our friends over at DaTerra have imported a ceramic frying pan from Italy that will solve all your pan-related woes. It’s light, non-stick, and most importantly, non-toxic.

Give the gift of health in more ways than one!

The Salad Lobby Holiday Gift List #4: La Tourangelle oils

A great salad deserves a great dressing, and a great dressing begins with great oil. We use high-quality oils such as La Tourangelle in our salad dressings because they taste amazing. They’re a little on the pricey side, but they last a long time. We also love them because they come in metal canisters, keeping the oil safe from damaging light.

Treat yo’self or yo’loved ones selves to some delicious, high-quality oils. Because your salad deserves it.

The Salad Lobby Holiday Gift List #5: Glasslock Food Storage Container Set

Do you have a salad-loving loved-one who is trying to make salad more of a priority in their life, but seems to never find the time for salad?

We find that prepping our salads ahead of time for the work week really helps us make room for salad despite our busy jobs.

Having some good-quality food storage containers answers the question: Where am I going to put my salad?

These Glasslock containers keep your salad commute-safe. They are even public transportation and bicycle commute tested, and stack nicely, which is helpful in communal, office refrigerators.

The Salad Lobby Holiday Gift List #6: Sistema Dressing Containers

Every good Salad Lobbyist knows there are some salads you dress before and some salads you dress later. For those you dress later, you’re going to need a tiny, cute container for your dressing if you plan on taking salad to work.

We’ve got you covered!

These Sistema dressing containers are the perfect size and can nest right into your storage container. At 1.1 fluid ounce, they are the perfect size so you don’t over-dress to the party.

The Salad Lobby Holiday Gift List #7: Instant Pot 6-in-1 Programmable Pressure Cooker

Instant Pot is our favorite kitchen droid.

We received Instant Pot as a gift, which is why we know that it is the perfect gift: it’s not something we necessarily knew about, or thought we wanted, but now that we have it, we wonder how we survived without it.

If you add a lot of grains and beans to your salad, Instant Pot will be your best salad ally. Dried beans in a fraction of the usual cooking time and perfect brown rice and quinoa. Meat enthusiasts will love how quickly Instant Pot cooks chicken, pork, and beef for shredding on top of your salad.

Instant Pot‘s uses extend way beyond salad, yet we find it to be the perfect salad tool.

The Salad Lobby Holiday Gift List #8: Glass Nesting Bowls

If there’s one product—which is actually 10 products—we’ve used more than any other product in our salad life, its our set of glass nesting bowls.

We’re talking no-frills, clear glass bowls for myriad uses. We use the big one for salads, and the small ones for salad toppings and dressing. Run out of individual salad bowls? That’s where the medium-sized ones come in handy.

We really love these bowls!

Happy, salad-filled holidays!

So whether you have veggie-obsessed relatives who would chuckle at a Turnip shirt, or salad-curious loved-ones who need to make salad more of a priority, we hope you’ve found some inspiration!

Remember, our Limited-Edition Veggielection t-shirts are 30% off and ship for free within the U.S.!

The Salad Lobby wishes you very happy, salad-filled holidays!

Disclosure: The Salad Lobby earns a commission for purchases made through links in this article.

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  1. Jenni

    Oh my.. .those shirts are AMAZING. Ha! I love them. I gotta say, I’m team Celery. 😉 Great gift guide! I think half of those items are on my wish list!


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