Welcome to The Salad Lobby. We advocate for salad’s place at the table because we love salad. A lot. In fact, we’re not ashamed to say we’re total nerds about salad.

Who is The Salad Lobby?

We’re Peter and Lindsay, a couple residing in Portland, Oregon. We developed a salad obsession after traveling the world for one year and seeking salads as a way to supplement our carb-heavy, budget traveler diet. We tried salads in every country, from the tangy, sumptuous tomato and cucumber salads of Greece, to the spicy, pungent herb salads of Thailand. In hostel kitchens, we made dressing with strange vinegar from dusty bottles from the free shelves. As long as we could have salad, all of the beer, empanadas, and coconut milkshakes balanced out.

Upon returning to the US, we realized salad was our calling. Our love of salad grew into The Salad Lobby website, a place to celebrate salad and advocate for salad’s place at the table.

Why salad?

It’s simple: salad is healthy. A healthy diet consist of mostly plants. Salad is mostly plants. Hence, salad is healthy. It’s science.

Sure, there are some salads out there posing as healthy which are no more than a small handful of green plants slathered in highly processed, unhealthy non-plants. (We call it pseudo-salad.)

The Salad Lobby is about real food. We promote salads made from simple, whole ingredients we can pronounce. Salad is our trusty, healthy go-to when too many non-plant foods sneak into our diet. Salad is relief after a day of office donuts and pasta specials at the corporate cafeteria. On road trips, salad is a beacon in the carb-laden fog of freeway fast food. Salad is the knight at the foot of a tower of pizza delivery boxes. Salad is that sigh of relief: “Finally. Some plants.”

Salad is not just healthy for us, it’s healthy for our planet. Eating less meat (by replacing a meat-based meal with a hearty, vegetarian salad, for example) could help reduce the impact of climate change.  Salad is a way to connect with what we eat, a way to know who makes our food and how it traveled from farm to table. It’s a way to connect with each other. Salad is an act of peace.

We love salad because salad is beautiful. It’s nature’s most colorful meal. It’s food at its freshest.

Welcome to The Salad Lobby

Why The Salad Lobby?

There’s a dairy lobby. There’s a chicken lobby. There’s definitely a beef lobby.  You may not know much about these entities or who is behind them, but they have enormous influence on what you eat, how much it costs, and even what our government says is healthy.

Until now, there has never been a salad lobby. It’s time.

The Salad Lobby advocates for salad’s place at the table because many Americans don’t have access to fresh food. Food policy and politics, instead of working to promote the public health, work to support the bottom line of food corporations and make unhealthy food cheap and healthy food more expensive. Instead of providing salad bars to kids, schools across the country have sold out to the junk food lobbies.

We believe adding salad to America’s diet will result in healthier tables, healthier people, and healthier generations.

Welcome to The Salad Lobby!

What is The Salad Lobby?

The Salad Lobby aims to help you make and eat more salads. We do this by sharing our love of salad through articles, recipes, and salad-related gear.

We provide tools and resources for you to live a more salad-centric existence. We offer advice and tips to help you make salad the priority in your life.  We sell salad-related gear so you can, once and for all, share with the world (aka Instagram) that you are a certifiable salad nerd.

We’re starting off with the Veggie Election, or as we fondly call it Veggielection. Who will be our next Veggie in Chief?

  • Will it be Turnip, the underdog everyone loves to hate?
  • Will America choose Celery, a stable stand-by?
  • Will it be Broccoli, a national favorite but an odd choice for salad?

Let’s not just choose any vegetable to be the leader of the vegetable world. Let’s choose the right vegetable.

Welcome to The Salad Lobby

Are you ready to get chopping?

Go forth, eat salad.

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